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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Entry Level Paralegal (Downtown) (New York, NY)

[Ed.-- I have never seen an "LSAT Disadvantage" listing before.  One wonders how the employer plans to verify that his prospective employee has never taken the LSAT.  The insistence on a "top 200" undergrad-- apparently, school #200 offers invaluable skills you just can't get from #201]

Entry Level Paralegal (Downtown) 

Major mass litigation firm has openings for Entry Level Paralegals in their Bankruptcy department. 


Job responsibility include: internet research, communicating with clients, reviewing documents, 

Job requirements: Experience interacting with clients, heavy phones, following and documenting processes/internships are OK. Must have a 4 year degree, from a top 200 college and graduated with a GPA over 3.5 and majored in Pre-Law, Political Science, Economics, Communications, etc. 

- Must be willing to make a 2+ year commitment (ideally even more long term) 
- Cannot have taken the LSAT or have a date registered for the LSAT 
- Can start within 2 weeks 
- Has worked in an office setting before 
- Worked throughout college
- Well spoken, polished/professional 
- Will not get bored with administrative tasks or overwhelmed by competing priorities 

Must have strong communication skills, time management and organization abilities.

Great opportunity for candidates who plan to go on to Law or Grad school in 3-5 years.

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