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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Contracts and Rights Management (Chatsworth)

[Ed.-- Weirdly, they don't want an entertainment law LLM to negotiate their contracts.  Must be an oversight.]

Looking for an experienced Film Distribution Contracts Paralegal to support Business Affairs and Legal. We are a worldwide Distribution company with a library of of 500 titles that licenses all available rights: Theatrical, DVD, Television, VOD and Ancillary.

Candidate mus have working knowledge of License Agreements, Royalty Reports and FilmTrack or other Rights Management Database experience. Responsibilities to include:

• Drafting of contracts for distribution, worldwide, domestic, and sales international
• Draft IFTA Multiple Rights License Agreements and Admendments
• Follow up on Royalties per Agreements terms, including Digital deals
• Initiating IFTA Arbitration and attending if necessary
• Handling SAG matters
• Handling delivery process of legal documentation to distributors

• Management of Rights through the FilmTrack database, entering all contracts to ensure proper Avails and running Avail Reports.
• Assisting Sales Department to acquire Producer approvals
• Assisting Accounting Department in reporting to Producers
• Monthly and Quarterly scanning and emailing Producer their Reports

• Assisting in drafting of Sales Agency Agreements with Producers

• General Office Duties (i.e. Filing, Coping, Answering Phones) & assist CEO.

• Ideal candidate MUST have at least 3-6 Years experience with Entertainment law or paralegal experience preferably media, broadcast or the entertainment industry.
• Must type at least 80-100wpm and team oriented and work some OT
• Must have strong computer skills in MS Office, Outlook, and Rights Management Database
• Strong oral and written communication skills and attention to detail
• Ability to work within deadlines, exercise good judgement and maintain client confidentially

Candidate MUST have at least 6 Years experience with major Entertainment law firm or motion picture company handling substantially all of the above.

Competitive salary (commensurate with experience)

Additional Information
At noted above, this position requires substantial experience handling all of the above matters. This is NOT an entry level JD position and PLEASE no phone calls.

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