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Monday, January 12, 2015

Recent Grad needed for DC Law Frm. (WDC)

[Ed.-- Recent grad WANTED!  Not a law grad, of course, but a recent grad of something other than law.  Thx.]

Boutique litigation firm in Century City looking to hire a paralegal part-time.

We are a growing business litigation firm, with a diverse range of cases involving business transactions, real property disputes, and corporate disputes. Hours and schedule are flexible. Looking for someone part-time, and the schedule can vary based on your scheduling requirements.

We are looking for someone with substantial experience as a paralegal (4 years or more). The office environment is often high-pace, with things moving quickly. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, smart, and ambitious.

The workload will consist mostly of research assignments, drafting pleadings (complaints, motions, ex parte applications), drafting and responding to written discovery, etc. No attorneys or law students please.


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